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About Us

Let us introduce ourselves

A bit about Us

Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia (PCMI) is alumni association of The International Youth Exchange Programs (PPAN, Pertukaran Pemuda Antar Negara), a program sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sport (KEMENPORA) of the Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with other countries.

PCMI is a home to the alumni of PPAN. Since the alumni of PPAN come from every province according to the quota which was decided by KEMENPORA, PCMI was established in almost every province in Indonesia, including in Riau Province.


Deepak Bhagya



Established: 2008
Phone number: +(62) 812 6729 0972
Website: www.pcmiriau.or.id
E-mail: riau.pcmi@gmail.com

PPAN Programs

Know more about PPAN Programs


  • 1981-Present

    Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program AIYEP

    Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program, which have been held since 1981 under an agreement between the Government of Indonesia and Australia .The purpose of this program is to provide greater opportunities for youth of Indonesia and Australia to understand the culture, development and way of life in both countries through the method of People to People Contact. The Program Management in Australia, managed and funded by the Australia-Indonesia Institute, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

  • 2011-Present

    ASEAN Students visit India ASVI

    ASEAN Student Visit India or more familiar as ASVI is a youth exchange program conduct by Ministry of Youth and Sports Indonesia (KEMENPORA) and Confederation of Indian Industry. As the main sponsor of this program, every year it holds in number of places in India. ASVI focuses on entrepreneurship and leadership skill development. This program is aimed at elaborating knowledge of ASEAN University student about India economic from the perspective of macro and micro economy, as well as strengthen diplomatic relationship between both countries. Every year, 25 University students from each ASEAN country are sent to India as the participant.

  • 2011-Present

    Indonesia China Youth Exchange Program ICHYEP

    Indonesia - China Youth Exchange Program is one of the new program at the Youth Exchange program organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia. The program was first implemented in 2011. The program lasts approximately 10 days, covering PDT - Program - Re Entry. The participants for this program is 100 people consisting of youth representatives from each province and government representatives.

  • 1975-2014

    Indonesia Canada Youth Exchange Program ICYEP

    Indonesia - Canada Youth Exchange Program is a youth exchange program which is coordinated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports with partner organizations Canada World Youth (CWY). The program lasts for approximately six (6) months, which is 3 (three) months of the implementation of the program in Canada and three months later in rural areas of Indonesia. Participants will stay with host families and will also be paired with program participants from Canada during the program. Implementation of the program will be supervised and led by Project Supervisor (PS) assigned from both countries.


  • 2010-Present

    IKYEPIndonesia Korea Youth Exchange Program

    In order to increase awareness of the importance of peace and cooperation in defense, economic, social, and cultural between Indonesia and Korea then created an annual program of cooperation between the Government of Indonesia (Ministry of Youth and Sports) with the Korean government through the Korea Youth Exchange Center (KYEC) named Indonesia - Korea Youth Exchange Program (IKYEP). The program is also intended to expand the network of international cooperation.

  • 1979-Present

    IMYEP Indonesia Malaysia Youth Exchange Program

    Indonesia - Malaysia is geographically the neighboring countries. Relationships population of both countries have taken place even before the independence of both countries take place, but the relationship between Indonesia - Malaysia several times ups and downs. As two neighboring countries, often called allied, the potential for cooperation as well as potential for conflict between the two countries is very great. Although characterized by “up and downs” relationships, the general relationship between the two countries is increasing, especially in the last five years. It is characterized by various forms of good cooperation, economic, security and socio-cultural.

  • 2013-Present

    JENESYS 2.0

    Jenesys 2.0 is a Japanese youth exchange programs and the countries of Asia, including Southeast Asia. Jenesys 2.0 held to strengthen the cooperation between Japan and ASEAN, and in order to celebrate 40 years of cooperation and friendship between ASEAN and Japan. The program aims to increase the interest of the participants and visitors from ASEAN countries to Japan with culture and economy, and to improve the global experience of the participants.

  • 1974-Present

    SSEAYP The Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program

    Southeast Asia Youth Ship Program, better known as the Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAYP) is a youth exchange program that was first pioneered by the member countries of ASEAN with Japan in 1974. As the development of ASEAN membership, then in in 1997 the whole of ASEAN member countries have joined the program. The program is managed by the participating countries and the Japanese program as the main sponsor. In Indonesia, the program is implemented under the coordination of the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

PCMI Riau in Numbers

Since 1974
Riau Alumnae
Riau Province
PPAN Programs


Our Latest Web Post

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Announcement - Selection Process of PPAN Riau 2017

According to the result of PPAN 2017 selection process (administration screening, psychological test, written test, speech, post program activity presentation, cultural performance and interview) on April 17 - 19, 2017, the judges have decided that the names mentioned below are successfully passing the selection and are able to continue to the quarantine phase that will be held on:

Thursday - Saturday, April 20 - 22, 2017
iShine Hotel, Pekanbaru

The schedule of quarantine and the items to bring will be announced separately.

Best regards,
The Judges of PPAN 2017

Saturday, April 15, 2017

PPAN Riau 2017 Announcement.

Congratulations to Top 50 of PPAN Riau 2017.

Based on the decision of the PPAN 2017 administration team from DISPORA RIAU and PCMI RIAU, we all have decided that below are the names passing the PPAN 2017 administration selection.

Those who have passed should confirm the attendance on the selection
day with the following format:

[Full Name] - [Sex] - Confirm
Send to:
(whatsapp only)

The latest confirmation is on Sunday, April 16th, 2017 at 1 pm

Those who do not confirm are considered absent and will be replaced with another candidate. Those who have confirmed will be invited to Whatsapp Group for further info.

Thank you very much indeed

Yours sincerely,
PPAN Riau 2017 committee


Monday, March 20, 2017



The wait is over !! 

Bagaimana persiapanmu untuk menjadi the next Youth of Tomorrow? Kini saat nya kamu buktikan persiapan itu dengan mengikuti Seleksi PPAN Riau 2017.

Pendaftaran Dibuka:
20 Maret 2017 - 11 April 2017

Persyaratan Umum:
1. Berusia 18 - 30 tahun (menyesuaikan dengan kuota program)
2. WNI
3. KTP Provinsi Riau
4. Memiliki Surat Rekomendasi dari Dispora Kab/Kota daerah asal
*untuk mendapatkannya, silahkan langsung menghubungi Dispora Provinsi Riau.
5. Mampu berbahasa Inggris dengan baik (lisan maupun tulisan)
6. Sehat jasmani dan rohani
7. Belum menikah
8. Aktif dalam kegiatan sosial kepemudaan dan pemberdayaan masyarakat
9. Belum pernah mengikuti program serupa dari Kemenpora RI

Syarat Pendaftaraan:
1. Mengisi aplikasi form yang dapat diunduh disini.
2. Fotokopi KTP Riau.
3. Surat keterangan berbadan sehat dari dokter.
4. Melampirkan Surat Rekomendasi dari Dispora Kab / Kota daerah asal.
5. 2 lembar pas photo ukuran 4x6 latar putih pakaian formal
6. 1 lembar foto full body latar putih pakaian formal
7. Fotokopi passport (jika ada)
8. Dokumentasi dan penjelasan kegiatan sosial kontribusi yang telah dilakukan  berupa foto dan narasi singkat.
9. Berkas dibuat 2 rangkap dan dimasukkan ke dalam map. Map biru untuk perempuan dan map merah untuk laki-laki.
11. Berkas dikumpulkan ke:
Dispora Provinsi Riau 
Jl. Dr. Sutomo No. 114, Kota Pekanbaru, 28156. 
pada tanggal 3 - 11 April 2017 di hari kerja (Senin - Jumat).
12. Berkas diserahkan langsung oleh pendaftar lalu memperlihatkan KTP asli
13. Hanya berkas yang lengkap yang akan di proses lebih lanjut.

Dispora Provinsi Riau
Dian Mutia 0811851216 / 08126702997

Tia 081267290972
Ilham 081290476907

Monday, November 21, 2016


Get ready!

5 Days
December, 7th - 11th 2016

150 Participants
Around the world

2 Sub-Themes
※ Education - Creative Learning
※ Enterpreneurship - Creative Industry

Amazing collaboration :
Government - Private Sector - Community

Keep updated on us!

Fb : PCMI Riau
Fp : Riau International Youth Summit
Ig : @pcmi_riau


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Riau International Youth Summit 2016

Congratulations for all selected participants from 873 strong applicants of #RIYS2016 around the world! #RIYS2016 will be held on 7-11th Dec 2016 at Furaya Hotel, Pekanbaru, Riau Province. Those who have been selected would be officially contacted through email by our team. Please read carefully any information in attachments as well.

For your convinience, Please kindly add +6281267290972 on whatsapp for more inquiries. This announcement is available on our social medias:
Ig: pcmi_riau
Fp: Riau International Youth Summit
Fb: PCMI Riau

See you in Pekanbaru, Riau for all outstanding participants!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Riau International Youth Summit 2016

Youth, as active agents of future growth, have a great responsibility in ensuring that our nation live in a world that is better than today. Youth have to able to hold answer keys to the question ‘what is the role of young people in driving change?’ since our responses to this will affect on us and our world. The rise of youth forums and youth movements should, therefore, be supported in order to facilitate and provide space for young people determine their role and keys in shaping our better future.

Regarding this point, Youth and Sports Department of Riau Province is delighted to hold Riau International Youth Summit 2016 which is designed for young people from over the world to foster mutual understanding through dialogue and to deliberate development issues in our and their own country.

The summit engages selected youth into discussion and evidence sharing of youth work in their homeland. Moreover, the summit encourages the participants to work on issues from topics available, namely Education and Youth Entrepreneurship. The output from the summit will be developed to be appropriate strategies to address issues of abovementioned subjects to local government or to be continuously executed individually or together by the summit participants.

International Youth Movement
“Gerakan Pemuda Internasional”


  • Youth Entrepreneurship : Creative Industry
  • Education : Creative Learning

  • To create a base, Riau, as the centre of international youth movement;
  • To contribute to environment, nation and country through youth innovative work on various fields;
  • To provide young people with opportunity to express opinion, ideas and to share inspiration and evidences in addresing problems in their homeland;
  • To create a network of young people who own international perspective, are responsible to their nation and inspiring for others;
  • To develop leadership, creative and innovative skills possessed by young people;
  • To promote Riau in international environment;
  • To connect Indonesian youth as the future leaders of Indonesia to other future leaders from various countries.
Riau International Youth Summit 2016 is expected to welcome 150 participants comprised of 75 national participants and 75 international participants.


  • Public participants, youth aged 20-30 years old from across the world. Indonesian citizens proved with valid KTP and foreigners proved with valid ID Card or passport;
  • Must has min. graduated from Senior High School or equal institution;
  • Must be mentally and physically fine and fit to follow the program; 
  • Must possess clean criminal record;
  • Must be able to communicate actively in English. The language used during the summit is English; 
  • Must willing to be an active and positive participant to involve in discussions; 
  • Must commit to follow local arranged rules to ensure the program run well; 
  • Actively involved in an organisation, a local or social project would be also considered. 

  • The applicant must fill out the RIYS 2016 form available at the official site of PCMI Riau ( www.pcmiriau.or.id).
  • The applicant must submit a max. 500 word essay in English related to the one of RIYS 2016 sub-themes. The best essay will be granted for a prize and the chosen sub-theme must be clearly stated; 
  • The essay must be original, must contain self-opinion and ideas and has never been published. Submitted essay will be privilege for the RIYS 2016 organiser; 
  • Absolute essay judgment will be done professionally and it can’t be disobeyed. 
The facilities that will provide by the committee during the program are :

  • Accommodation, food and transportation 
  • Certificate for all participants 
  • Reward for many categories 
*Participant only has to pay for travelling fair from their respective country to Pekanbaru 


  • Best essay sub-theme: Youth Entrepreneur $375 
  • Best essay sub-theme: Education $375 
  • Best action plans project: Medal + merchandise + certificate 
  • Best culture performance: Medal + merchandise + certificate 


Get in touch with us


Jalan Lumba-Lumba No. 45 Harapan Raya, Pekanbaru 28282, Indonesia

Phone number

+(62) 812 6729 0972